Privacy Policy

Merch Distro on behalf of Grundel Punch is the exclusive provider of their merchandise and products. We operate their online stores and deal with the merchandise aspect of their business. Any other inquiries regarding the business of them will either be ignored or forwarded the appropriate party.

We value our customers and respect their privacy. Our website collects customer information through PayPal or the payment processor We do not sell or rent the information you provide to online third parties. Please also read and view PayPal's privacy policies for any concerns or questions regarding their practices.

If our information practices change in the future, we will let you know by posting the policy changes on our Web site or by communicating directly with you. We will notify you of any such change before we use your information in a manner not previously disclosed in our privacy policy. You will have the opportunity at that time to opt out of any new use of your information.

What kind of information we collect:

We collect information (such as your name, email address, mailing address, that in which you provide when you place an order.

How we use your information:

When you make a purchase through our website, we use your information to process your order. We will also send you an email to confirm your order, and we may need to contact you via phone, or email if we have other questions regarding your order. From time to time, Grundel Punch may ask for an email address for their marketing purposes. We will only supply them with an email addresses from the customers that bought from their web store. In addition, we may use information about your product interests and purchases to help us improve our site design and your shopping experience. Merch Distro on behalf of Grundel Punch may contact you directly regarding marketing or promotional events for a particular artist.

Is my information shared?

We will only release your email address to Grundel Punch in which you have purchased from, at their request.
How do I remove my information from email, phone, and postal mailing lists?

If you wish to not have any information released to  Grundel Punch, please send us email from the email address you wish to be removed. Send to in the subject line type Subject: Remove 

What are cookies? 

A cookie is a small data file that Websites often store on your computers hard drive when you visit their sites. A cookie may contain information (such as a unique user ID), that is used to track the pages of the sites you have visited. We use cookies only for our shopping cart system. Your cookie helps us keep track of your order as you shop at our site. Your cookie only last for 3 days and then is reset. You can refuse cookies by turning them off in your browser. If you turn off cookies, though, we will not be able to track your order or enable you to make a purchase from our site.

Credit Card Safety:

We do our best to provide a safe and convenient online shopping experience. That means we safeguard the integrity of our customers credit card information.
Protecting the safety of your credit card information is important to us. 

Please view the PayPal conditions site for more information regarding there Secure Ordering Cart.

What about my bank or credit card company?

If someone steals your credit card information or uses your credit card in an unauthorized manner (as determined by your credit card company) -Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, your bank or credit card company cannot hold you liable for more than $50 of unauthorized or fraudulent charges on a credit card. Your liability for unauthorized use of a debit card may be higher, but most debit card issuers voluntarily apply the $50 limit to their cards, as well. If your bank does hold you liable for any amount up to $50.00.

Remember: If unauthorized use of your credit or debit card does occur, you must notify your card provider, in accordance with the agreement you have with the company.

How do I know my credit card information is secure?

To make sure you are accessing our secure server before you submit personal financial information, look at the lower left-hand corner of your browser. If you see an unbroken key or a closed lock (depending upon your browser), then SSL is active. To double-check for security, look at the URL or Location line of your browser. If you have accessed a secure server, the first characters of the address in that line should change from "http" to "https."