Our services cover everything from an E-Commerce solution to product fulfillment and distribution. If you are tired of filling out labels by hand, waiting in line at the post office. Checking online to make sure the order was delivered.

Then, we can help!!

With our fully automated software we can sync the order information with your PayPal account, BandCamp, Magento, Open Cart, ECWID and many other E-Commerce platforms. If you currently don't have e-commerce, we can set you up with a store as well.

So if you are looking to sell your product online, or send out a large number of products such as a pre-order or crowd funding campaign. Don't hesitate to contact us, your customers are waiting!


Our services in this area are completely catered to you and your needs. We are able to create a professional web store front branded with your own custom theme. We also have the ability to integrate into an existing store front that can feed your orders into our professional fulfillment software.


We handle virtually all the aspects of production in the entertainment merchandise world. Our production services are handled and produced by our main company SMC, Inc. With over 17 years of experience in merchandise design & production. As a merchandising company our services our vast, much different from going to a local printer.


Working with many labels, management firms and artists to provide a solution to their E-Commerce needs. Due to our high level of specialization in this area, we can ship worldwide preparing and packaging your orders in a professional manner and in a sufficient amount of time.


Listed below are some examples of what we can do for you.
Every situation is different and we can tailor our services to fit your needs.

Example 1

You have gained some fans through your blood sweat and tears on the road and you want to start selling online. You have the ability to set up a simple cart. But you really don't want to deal with the packing and shipping the orders, going the post office, filling out the customs forms for your fans overseas, etc. That's where we come in.. we can integrate with your current store into our software. Once we receive your order we will pull from the stock that you ship to us, and handle it all from there. 

Example 2

You ran a successful crowd funding campaign and you have a huge list of people you need to get what you promised out to them. You email us the excel or .csv file. At the same time you have either shipped all the products & materials to us or had our sister company SMC, Inc. handle all the production (which will save you $$) We take it from there, for a low percentage we will pull, pack and ship your items to your backers.


Example 3

It's time to start thinking bigger! You have a good following whether you are a band, lifestyle business, restaurant, youtube sensation, or entrepreneur. You need to get your ideas and/or products to your fans or customers that are calling for it. We can handle the complete conceptual designs to production to fulfillment. In step with our sister company SMC, Inc. which will handle the design and production, we can take care of all your needs for the next step.


The purpose of this site is to provide a description of our E-commerce & distribution solution for your merchandise line. Our company has been handling, producing and distributing merchandise for artists since 1999. If you are interested in our full line of services and product offerings please visit SMC, Inc.


They actually take the time to research their clients and create tailored suggestions to help make sure the merchandise you order will fit your targeted demographics.
Megan K.Yamaha Entertainment Group
SMC provides both artists and customers with excellent customer service and reliable fulfillment. It's the first time that fans have actually emailed us with praise about our online merchandiser.
Ruta S.Sepetys Entertainment Group
SMC has so many different services and products to supply it's almost endless! We always seem to get exactly what we are looking for, whether is dickies workshirts, bags or hats or some other swag. They always nail it and deliver it on time.
Johnny CantuAccurate Staging
Let me just say that you guys are f**king awesome and whenever I need ANYTHING, I know I can count on you, whether it's to make merch, house merch or to meet my artist at a pits top on a major highway to hand deliver merch for a show that night.
Amirah N.Rock Mom Management


To find out more about Merch Distro and what we can do for you,
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